QUESTION: I am currently using the Skin Recovery Crème which I love. I am 40 years old and fighting mild acne and wrinkles...please help, not sure which issue I should be focusing on and would like a remedy for both. Thank you in advance for your help.

I am so glad you emailed me because there is a solution that will address these issues! The Skin Recovery Crème is great you are on the right path. I recommend adding the Glyco-Lactic Gel Cleanser it is AHA cleanser that will help refine the skin and combat the signs of aging. Glycolic Acid will help with large pores as well as the breakouts. I would also incorporate the Face Firming Complex into your regime. It has DMAE which helps strengthen the muscle structure of the skin, ALA-(Alpha Lapoic Acid) which refines and resurfaces the skin, C-ester which Brightens, Lightens and Tightens the skin and CoQ10 which boosts skin ability to repair and regenerate and reduces free radical damage. So that pretty much covers it. You have your 3 step regime...Glyco-Lactic Gel Cleanser, Face Firming Complex, Skin Recovery Crème! The last product you would need to complete the regime is an eye cream...I like Visible Lift Eye Gel (but I prefer a gel) if you are looking for a cream the Eyebright Intensive Eye Cream is a good choice. Hope this help, please let me know if I can answer any other questions you may have.