QUESTION: Is MAC cosmetics really better that other make up? I always get make up at target and it usually makes my face look kinda...blah and I try not to spend too much money on it, even though I wear a fair amount.

I have never been one to put another brand down. I am however a make up artist and I will give you the facts. MAC make up is fantastic if your looking for a dramatic look...if you look back at the MAC ads you will notice all of the MAC models show severally dramatic makeup pictures. There is a reason for this...that is the look of MAC Cosmetics! It tends to be heavy and thick and pore clogging. You feel like you are wearing makeup...and I personally don't like that feeling. I recommend checking out SkinRxClinic. They have a wide variety of Mineral based makeup as well as Pressed Foundations and Liquid Mineral Foundation. They have everything you could possibly need from pharmaceutical grade skincare to mineral makeup (including blushes and eye shadows) to brushes and brush is definitely a one stop shop! Check it