QUESTION: What is a good moisturizer for my face? I have oily and irritated skin and have never used a moisturizer before. Do you have any suggestions on what product I can use that prevents breakouts and clear up redness, oil and irritated skin?

Oily and irritated skin...this is tough because you want to get the oil under control and most products that control excess sebum (oil) are harsh and irritating...exactly what you don't want. I suggest trying a Alpha-Beta cleanser, this will contain Glycolic and Salicylic acid and will help control the oil and breakouts. Then you can follow up with a lightweight oil-free moisturizer. carries a product called Glyco-latic Cleanser. It is an Alpha-Beta Gel Cleaner that works wonders for this skin type. They also carry a Glyco-lactic Toner that is a favorite of mine and it works great with the Gel Cleanser. I would check out the Skin Recovery Creme if you are looking for a good moisturizer, it would be the ideal product to follow up with.