QUESTION: What kind of pimples are these? I've been getting dry skin and the break outs are big pimples. Some are tiny white heads and deep black heads, when I pick them, the stuff comes out green! Is this normal?

Ok so here's the deal...sounds like you have some serious bacteria growing under the surface layer of skin and this is clogging your pores. I use the word bacteria because you say its green in color and that is usually what causes that! The little white bumps are called Millia and they are hard and not extractable (wont pop) The blackheads are clogged pores that have been oxidized. I strongly recommend trying the Microdermabrasion Peel from Just go to the website type "micro" in the search box and check it out. It contains glycolic acid and has perfectly symmetrical micro crystal to help remove some of the dead built up surface skin! Once the dead skin is gone the product can penetrate deeper and help clear up the bacteria causing the breakouts! NO picking, you don't want scars! There is actually a tool called an extractor that is specifically designed for those stuborn pimples. offers two options: Double Loop Extractor & Wire Extractor.