Makeup Tip: Bigger, Brighter Eyes!

Here are a couple easy tips on how to brighten up your eyes and make them look bigger. Apply concealer on the side of your nose by the inner corner of the eye to cover up darkness.  Use concealer or highlighter on your dark circles as well, but keep to the inner corner-mid eye area to avoid exaggerating of fine lines. This will illuminate the eye area. Apply highlighter or light (silver, white, light gold, light beige) eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye on upper eyelid and just a touch on the lower eyelids. Offset redness and open up your eyes by lining inner eye rims with a light nude eye pencil. Curl your lashes and finish with a black mascara.  When applying focus on the middle of your upper and lower eye lashes. This way your eyes will look much bigger. At the end of the day, do not retire without first cleansing your skin with a mild facial wash that gently removes makeup and other residue which can add to skins sensitivity.    Skinrxclinic's  Gentle Eye Makeup Remover,  which quickly dissolves eye make up without irritation, is a must for any vanity. This is an oil-free,  fragrance-free formulation designed especially for the sensitive, delicate  tissue around the eye area. Your peeps will thank you!