Caring for Skin During the Winter

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The winter months mean cooler temperatures, drier air, and, of course, loss of moisture in your skin.  When the outdoor temperature starts to drop, you may notice your skin becoming dry, even itchy or irritated.  Indoor heating systems further aggravate the problem by robbing the air of its moisture – moisture that your skin craves!  As soon as you feel that first chill in the air, it’s time to transform your skin care and moisturizing routine to make sure your skin stays healthy, soft and supple.  Try these products for dry skin to help guard against the elements. Before you begin your new winter skin care regimen, prepare to receive new moisture with a Microdermabrasion Peel.  Microdermabrasion clears away dead skin cells, allowing moisturizers to better penetrate dry, damaged skin.  Skin Rx’s formula is enriched with natural hydrators, vitamins A, C, E, and other antioxidants. Once you’ve cleared away old skin cells, choose a gentle facial cleanser that won’t strip away natural moisture.  Arnica Facial Wash is a mild foaming cleanser, specially formulated for very dry and highly sensitive skin.  Arnica, a plant species of the sunflower family, has a natural anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, helping to soothe skin cells damaged by the cold.  This facial wash, which contains no oil, perfumes, fragrance, dyes or alcohols, provides full cleansing with the mildness your sensitive winter skin needs. Next, you’ll need to make sure your skin receives additional moisture.  Skin Rx’s Liquid Silk can be used either under or over moisturizer for added softness and protection against drying.  This paraben-free serum is made up of plant extract oils and phospholipids, helping you achieve a silky-smooth complexion while nourishing your skin!

Professional Microdermabrasion results at home

You’ll also want to guard against dry indoor heat by switching to a rich daily moisturizerHerbal Moisture Creme offers intense hydration and is very well-suited to dry skin.  Its non-greasy formula will keep your face feeling fresh with a host of natural ingredients, including whole aloe, ceramides, hyaluronic acid (maximum water hydrator), echinacea, cornflower, soy, meadowfoam oil, squalane oil, and vitamins A, C, and E. Winter might have you spending more time indoors, but you still need to apply sunscreen on a daily basis!  Your daily sunscreen should feature a minimum SPF of 15, and winter sports enthusiasts will want to choose a higher SPF.  Advanced Protection SPF 30 SunBlock provides protection with a lightweight, non-greasy, fragrance-free formula.  Green Tea, vitamins A, C, and E, and plant extracts offer an anti-aging boost.  Remember to guard your lips as well – Skin Rx’s Vibran-C Lip Treatment with SPF 15 soothes dry and chapped lips while shielding against sun damage! Now that you’ve prepared your skin for harsh winter temperatures, should you make any changes to your makeup routine?  In trying out different makeup products, many women find that mineral makeup is more appropriate for sensitive winter skin than traditional makeup formulas.  Skin Rx offers a full range of different mineral makeup products, including base, powder, concealer, blush, highlighter, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss and more.  Our 6-Piece Starter Kit includes Mineral Base, Porcelain Finishing Powder, Glow (highlighter), Touch of Sun (bronzer), a flocked sponge, and your choice of kabuki brush or dome brush. Lastly, don’t forget the basics!  If you live in a very dry climate, a humidifier can help reintroduce moisture into the air.  Make sure to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.  Get enough sleep (your skin will love you for it).  And even though you might crave a hot shower on a chilly morning, choose lukewarm water instead – hot water can actually draw moisture out of your skin!

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Look Your Best, Naturally

Look your best, naturally low-rez-arnica-facial-wash-8oz---3Let’s face it; most of us use a few cosmetics each day to put our best face forward. Whether you apply in the morning, or touch-up throughout the day, most of us carry around one thing or another to “freshen up.” But wouldn’t it be nice to leave fresh-faced in the morning with nothing but your favorite lipstick? Below are some simple steps to looking your best, naturally.
  1. Cleanse. Clean skin is the foundation for clear skin. The most important thing you can do for your skin is to clean it every day. By washing your face twice daily - in the morning and before bed - you will be getting rid of the makeup and other residue that can cause acne and skin sensitivity. One to try is our Arnica Face Wash.
  2. Exfoliate. Avoid the dry, dull skin that appears during the fall and winter months by regularly exfoliating. Proper exfoliating can give you that summer glow all year long. At-home microdermabrasion can save you hundreds but ensure you’re getting the most effective treatment possible by comparing crystal counts. Consider trying the Microdermabrasion Kit #5 that includes a jar of our fragrance-free exfoliating crystals (four times more than in-clinic treatments) and our soothing serum to cool your skin.
  3. Polish. Glycolic acid is used to improve the skin's appearance and texture. It helps to reduce wrinkles, acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation and improve many other skin conditions. Our Glycolic Facial Polish will buff and polish your skin to smoothness in an instant. Use it three times weekly to remove the dry skin and oil that can clog pores.
  4. Moisturize. It’s important for everyone to moisturize. Even if you suffer from oily skin, you still need to hydrate! Skipping moisturizer will only cause your skin to overcompensate and create more shine. Try our richly hydrating Herbal Moisture Crème.
  5. Protect. Protecting your skin from the harmful rays of sun will not only fight off premature aging, but decrease your chances of developing skin cancer. The higher the sun protection factor number (SPF), the more UV protection you can expect. Use our Natural Sun Protection SPF 30 for UVB and UVA cancer-preventing, high-strength protection against the sun. This non-irritating, oil-free, facial (or body) sunblock also works great for those with sensitive skin.
  1. Polish. Glycolic acid is used to improve the skin's appearance and texture. It helps to reduce wrinkles, acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation and improve many other skin conditions. Our Glycolic Facial Polish will buff and polish your skin to smoothness in an instant. Use it three times weekly to remove the dry skin and oil that can clog pores.

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10 Reasons to Switch to Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is free of the harsh dyes, preservatives and fragrances found in many traditional cosmetics. Eliminating additives can help eliminate skin irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin.

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Sun Damage Makes You Look Old!

Tiffany Holley

Sun damage is caused by over exposure to harmful UV rays and repeatedly getting a sunburn. Though we all want to look good, and sometimes this means looking tan as opposed to looking pale, it is important to enjoy the sun in moderation and with the right sun protection.

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