Which mineral shade for my skintone

mineral makeup jars Question: I have light skin (not bronzed) with light brown eyes and light brown hair. What shade would be the best for me as foundation: Cashmere or Barely there? My skin is more warm toned, I think.  Thanks for your help! Answer: Thank you for your recent interest in our products! Based on what you have described your skin tone to be, your best bet would be to try our Cashmere base. Our mineral makeup is especially formulated for those with sensitive and/or reactive skin types.  We offer all of our loose base shades in easy to use, try-me size 2 gram shaker jars. These are a great way to try one or two shades for the first time and custom blend the shades together for a more perfect match to your skin tone.  Find a color chart below to help decide which shade is best for you.  We are always glad to help. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. PINK/COOL/RUDDY: If your skin is light with cool, pink, or ruddy (ruddy is deep pink/red) undertones, the shades for you to choose from are: Cashmere (not for ruddy), Cool Beige (great for ruddy), Sea Shell (listed in order of lightest to darkest) NEUTRAL: If your skin is very light with no pink or minimal pink, you will want Barely There. However, if it is very light but with a lot of pink or red, you will want Cashmere or Cool Beige (for red or ruddy, Cool Beige will look the most natural). If your skin is very fair you will want Barely There (a neutral shade) If your skin is light with pink or cool undertones you will want Cool Beige OLIVE/YELLOW/GOLDEN: If your skin is light with Olive/Yellow/Golden undertones, you will want Oatmeal. If your skin is in between light and medium, with neutral or warm tones, you will want Cashmere If your skin is medium with Olive/Yellow/Golden Undertones you will want Canvas. If your skin is darker than medium, but not ethnic, you will want Sand Dune. Very tanned skin or Asians can wear Sand Dune. It is a dark deep tan color. Cool: If your skin is medium with cool tones you will want Seashell or Cocoa. Dark: If your skin is ethnic and medium brown to dark your color selections are: Cocoa (cool), Sand Dune (warm), Caramel (warm), Espresso (neutral). (listed in order of lightest to darkest)